Why Can’t We Be Friends?(橙)

Why Can’t We Be Friends?(黒)

Why Can’t We Be Friends?(緑)

Why Can’t We Be Friends?(白)

Why Can’t We Be Friends?(黄色)

I Got My Mind Set On You.(黒)

I Got My Mind Set On You.(白)

I Got My Mind Set On You.(橙)

I Got My Mind Set On You.(黄色)

Happiness Is The Truth!(黒)

Happiness Is The Truth!(白)

Happiness Is The Truth!(赤)

Happiness Is The Truth!(黄色)

Nothing Is Real(黒)

Nothing Is Real(白)

Nothing Is Real(赤)

Nothing Is Real(緑)

Nothing Is Real(黄色)

Nothing Is Real(紫)

Get Up! Stand Up!(黒)

Get Up! Stand Up!(白)

Get Up! Stand Up!(黄色)

Get Up! Stand Up!(赤)

Oh! It’s Such A PerfectDay(黒)

Oh! It’s Such A PerfectDay(白)

Oh! It’s Such A PerfectDay(赤)

Oh! It’s Such A PerfectDay(黄色)

How Deep Is Your Love.(黒)

How Deep Is Your Love.(白)

How Deep Is Your Love.(黄色)

How Deep Is Your Love(赤)

How Deep Is Your Love(紫)

Don’t Be Cruel.(黒)

Don’t Be Cruel.(白)

Don’t Be Cruel.(赤)

Don’t Be Cruel(黄色)



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